Positive outlook helps knee replacement patients

A June 2022 paper (1) notes that “Prior research has suggested that self-efficacy, positive affect, vigor, and vitality may function as resilience factors in the face of chronic pain.” In this paper, the researchers examined these resilience factors in a prospective, cognitive-affective-behavioral pathway to recovery. In this study 110 patients undergoing unilateral, total knee replacement surgery completed self-report assessments of study variables.

  • Self-efficacy was assessed 2 one-half weeks prior to surgery, positive affect the day after surgery, vitality and vigor one-month following surgery, and post-operative pain at one- and three-months following surgery.
  • Analysis revealed significant coefficients from pre-operative self-efficacy to positive affect during hospitalization, as well as to vitality and vigor at one-month following surgery.

1 Cremeans-Smith JK, Greene K, Delahanty DL. Resilience and recovery from total knee arthroplasty (TKA): a pathway for optimizing patient outcomes. Journal of Behavioral Medicine. 2022 Feb 13:1-9.

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