Many patients do not lose weight after knee replacement

A June 2022 study (1) noted that “obesity is one of most discussed factors when assessing prosthetic knee surgery outcomes. Prior to the procedure, most patients perceive that their excessive weight is secondary to the low level of activity due to limiting knee pain.” In this study 247 patients who undergone total knee replacement from January 2018 to January 2019 were followed to see if a significant change in weight was observed. Significant change was considered anything above or below 5% of the pre-operative weight.

  • Three groups were established based on a change in weight:
    • loss of more than 5%,
    • those who did not pass above or below 5% of their initial weight and
    • increase of more than 5%.
  • Follow-up was carried out at 12 months

Among the total population, 17 (6.9%) lost weight, 168 (68%) did not have a change, and 62 (25.1%) increased weight at one year follow-up. Conclusion: Patients who undergo total knee replacement do not lose weight one year after surgery.

1 Coelho A, Leal-Blanquet J, Sánchez-Soler JF, Torres-Claramunt R, Hinarejos P, Monllau JC. Patients lose weight after a total knee arthroplasty: myth or reality?. International Orthopaedics. 2022 Mar 29:1-6.

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