When a total ankle arthroplasty fails

A July 2022 study (1) measured the outcomes of revision surgery for a failed ankle arthroplasty. The researchers wrote: “Revision rates for ankle arthroplasties are higher than hip or knee arthroplasties. When a total ankle arthroplasty fails, it can either undergo revision to another ankle replacement, revision of the total ankle arthroplasty to ankle arthrodesis (fusion), or amputation.” Currently, they also note, there is not much information in the medical literature on the outcomes of these revisions. The researchers then assessed the outcomes of revision total ankle arthroplasty with respect to surgery type, functional outcomes, and reoperations. They examined six

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Female Sexual Dysfunction, Failed Back Surgery, and Low Back Pain

This article will provide general information on sexual dysfunction in female patients suffering from back pain. Researchers have tried to discern the exact impact of lumbar back pain and/or failed back surgery on sexual function in female patients. The answers are not easy to find. A September 2015 study (1) Sexual and reproductive health is important quality of life outcomes, which can have a major impact on patient satisfaction. Spinal pathology arising from trauma, deformity, and degenerative disease processes may be detrimental to sexual and reproductive function. Furthermore, spine surgery may impact sexual and reproductive function due to post-surgical mechanical,

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Swimmer’s injuries and treatment

Orthostatic intolerance A July 2022 paper (2) looked at orthostatic intolerance (lightheadedness, fainting or feeling faint, increased heart beat when arising to a standing position) as a potential contributor to prolonged fatigue and inconsistent performance in elite swimmers. In this paper, the authors described five elite swimmers with prolonged fatigue and athletic underperformance. Based on (previous) work in myalgic encephalomyelitis /chronic fatigue syndrome, we focused on orthostatic intolerance as a possible contributor to symptoms. Participants were referred for evaluation of fatigue and underperformance to the Chronic Fatigue Clinic at the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center. All patients were evaluated for overtraining

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Acupuncture for knee osteoarthritis

An April 2022 study: (1) “Acupuncture has beneficial effect on pain relief and improves function activities, and this treatment can be recommended as a beneficial alternative therapy in patients with knee osteoarthritis, particularly for chronic patients and those currently undergoing long-term pain and help them increasing quality of life. But it should be further verified through more random control studies in function. Available studies suggested that acupuncture was superior to sham acupuncture in reduce pain and function.” Researchers think blade needle acupuncture works better for knee osteoarthritis than traditional acupuncture. Blade needle acupuncture uses small blades as opposed to thin

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Female runners experience changes in menstrual function and bone mass – Female Athlete Triad

Female runners experience changes in menstrual function and bone mass – Female Athlete Triad   In this article, research is used to discuss the problems of menstrual function and bone mass in female runners. The word energy is used interchangeably to indicate food intake. When the research discusses reduced energy availability, it signifies less caloric intake than what is needed to sustain the athlete’s health. This could be unintentional – the athlete is burning more calories than they are taking in. Or it could be intentional and there is an underlying eating disorder. An eating disorder can be: starvation, fasting

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Artificial cervical disc replacement research

Marc Darrow MD. At our clinic we try to help as many people avoid surgery as we can. Sometimes a person needs to have surgery, other times they were told they MUST have surgery even though the evidence for their needing a surgery may be lacking and they have their own doubts. Most people will not need a neck surgery. In this article we will rely on the research from surgeons in providing information on surgery or no surgery and whether an Artificial cervical disc replacement (ACDR) or Anterior cervical discectomy and fusion (ACDF) may be the surgery worth exploring

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