Hip pain care options

Hip pain

Non-Surgical Hip Pain Care Options

Hip Pain

In our over 25 years of helping people with hip pain, we have been able to help patients with a diagnosis of:

Hip osteoarthritis

Hip tendonitis

Hip bursitis

Greater trochanteric pain syndrome

Femoroacetabular Impingement Syndrome

Hip labrum tears

Avascular necrosis

For people who had arthroscopic, hip resurfacing and hip replacement surgery and continue to have hip pain. We may also be able to help.

Conservative care options:

For some people, conservative care non-surgical options can be very successful for their hip pain. For others, these treatment’s effectiveness may have worn off if they were effective at all.

We see many people who have had one, many or all of these treatments below:

Physical therapy

Cortisone injection

Hyaluronic acid injection

Painkiller prescriptions

Daily anti-inflammatory usage



These treatments continue to be prescribed until eventually an MRI will reveal enough damage to recommend a surgery.

Do you have hip pain?

Alleviating Hip Pain and restoring function

Dr. Marc Darrow, MD, JD., treats pain with non-surgical methods. These methods described above can help many people alleviate pain and restore function. These methods however, do not help everyone.