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Plantar fasciitis injections – Research

Over the years we have seen many patients with Plantar Fasciitis that had been unresponsive to conventional treatments. These conventional treatments included physical therapy, cortisone, and anti-inflammatories. While not the best choice for doctor or patient, many of these people considered the surgical option as the ultimate choice because they “have to do something.” But will surgery be any more effective? We will cover this in research cited later in this article. Is it the heel spur causing pain or is it plantar fasciitis? When a patient comes into our office with plantar fasciitis and a bone or heel spur

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Golfing with low back pain

There are many research articles surrounding low back pain and the golfer. Many studies suggest many causes and theories as to what can be causing the low back pain many golfers suffer from. In this article I want to draw attention to research that suggests a more rare or lesser known cause of your golfer’s low back pain. Spinal ligaments. It may be why your game and you continue to suffer despite many treatments, many remedies, and a lot of reduced time on the course. Is it always the golf swing? Higher average club head speed and low back pain

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Research comparing different types of knee injections

Many patients we see have been researching their options in treating their chronic knee pain. These people come to see us because they are exploring non-surgical alternatives and have investigated various types of knee injections. Most want to know “which works the best?” In the research below various comparisons are made between the different types of knee injections. Seven different knee osteoarthritis treatments A December 2021 study (1) assessed seven different knee osteoarthritis treatments. The authors wrote that their goal was to “find out, based on the available recent randomized controlled trials (RCTs), if the nonsurgical interventions commonly used for

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Does a shoulder labrum tear require surgery?

Marc Darrow, MD. I get many inquiries from people asking if they should have a SLAP tear surgery or if there are options to avoid the surgery. The decision to proceed with surgery or other treatments should be made after a physical examination. A SLAP tear, or Superior Labrum Anterior and Posterior tear occurs when the superior portion (the top) of the labrum of the shoulder is damaged. The labrum is the lining of the shoulder socket. It holds the upper arm bone within the joint as well as attaches the upper bicep to the shoulder joint. When it is

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TMJ and Neck Pain

Over the years we have received our fair share of emails from patients seeking treatment for their TMJ. In many of these emails, the sender will describe to us osteoarthritis of the jaw that came as a result of a traumatic injury such as a jaw dislocation during a hockey game or a dislocation or a fractured jaw from an accident. Some will write that their TMJ problems developed when they had some wisdom teeth removed. Others will suggest that TMJ came upon them slowly as a degenerative joint disease. This article will focus on the later, the connection of

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Lumbar discectomy for Lumbar Disc Herniation

A lumbar discectomy describes a surgical procedure that removes the discs of the spine that are causing you pain and functional difficulties. The surgery can be performed as minimally invasive, smaller incision or as “open” back surgery. No surgery is “easier.” Less invasive simply means the surgical wound is not as large, the surgical procedure itself, whether open or minimally invasive is still the same. Part of the vertebrae, the lamina has to be cut away so the surgeon can access the bulging, herniated disc. Once there, nerves have to be gently set aside. Then the disc or discs in

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