Treatments for TMJ | Platelet Rich Plasma

Many people contact my office asking about TMJ treatments. For the most part they are contacting us to learn about the possibilities of how regenerative medicine injection treatments may help them. Among these injections are bone marrow aspirate concentrate (a procedure that uses cells from your own bone marrow to initiate healing) and Platelet Rich Plasma injections. We use these treatments in orthopedic conditions such as osteoarthritis, joint degenerative disease, neck and back pain), and for the purpose of this article problems of TMJ and TMJD (Temporomandibular joint dysfunction). The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is located where the jawbone meets the

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Thumb osteoarthritis treatments: Surgery or injections?

A long medical history and treatments with limited success is what usually sends someone to our office seeking other possible remedies. Most of the people we see are now in pain management (anti-inflammatories and painkillers) as their primary treatments along with splints and wrist braces. The path many of these people took to a more severe thumb arthritis is that path that many have. They have been using ice on a daily basis. They take anti-inflammatories to bring down the swelling and help restore some function. They wear the splint, sometimes all day, sometimes all night, sometimes the splint never

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Lumbar adjacent segment disease

Many people who reach out to our office write to us after they have undergone a spinal surgical procedure with less than hoped for results. They write us about their continued pain and are looking for help. These people now realize the complexities of spinal surgery, especially in patients with numerous procedures. Some have been offered another surgery others not because they and their doctors have agreed that further surgery would likely do no good. Therefore another treatment or pain management program would need to be put in place. Following failed back surgery the patient may be sent to physical

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Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy for ankle osteoarthritis and avascular necrosis of the talus

People usually contact our office to discuss their ankle problems after they have had a long medical history of treatments following an acute ankle injury that turned into a chronic problem. Over the years they have had splints, tapes, and anti-inflammatory medications, some have had physical therapy and some have had cortisone injections. After all these treatments, they are still looking for answers. One answer they are seeking is Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy or PRP therapy. PRP treatments are injection treatments. The treatments are derived from your own healing and growth factors found in your blood. The treatment involves collecting a

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Sacroiliac joint dysfunction treatments – Platelet-rich plasma injections

I see many patients who come into my office with an MRI that shows something wrong or off in their sacroiliac joint or joints and a compliant that they have low back pain. Some will tell me that based on their MRI, their doctors are confirming that the primary source of their low back pain is their sacroiliac joint. Further, the patient has been told to strongly consider a surgical recommendation to spinal fusion. For many of these people, the MRI was the confirmation that their surgeon needed to go ahead with the surgery. For many patients, this may have

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Platelet Rich Plasma injections for SLAP tear – biceps tenodesis option

Marc Darrow, MD. JD. I get many inquiries from people asking if they should have a SLAP tear surgery or if there are options to avoid the surgery. The decision to proceed with surgery or other treatments need to be made after a physical examination. Why are people looking for options in the first place? One reason is that their surgeon does not have confidence that the outcome of surgery will be as successful as the patient hopes. Who are people that fall into this category? People with multi-directional shoulder instability, or, people who already had the surgery and despite

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