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From Dr. Darrow’s book: A firm believer in regenerative medicine, I have been using these therapies since 1997, when I was doing my physical medicine residency at UCLA. My Los Angeles clinic has long been recognized for utilizing advanced, nonsurgical options for musculoskeletal pain, and degenerative joint disease, with Stem Cell Therapy and PRP having become a very exciting option in the past several years. In fact, I have been told by others in my field that no one does anywhere near as much regenerative medicine with Stem Cell Therapy and PRP as I do. A question I am asked by most patients is why these treatments have never been offered to them by other doctors. Part of the answer to this question is supplied in the research shown throughout this book.

Despite the availability of evidence-based guidelines for conservative treatment of osteoarthritis, management is often confined to the use of painkillers, physical therapy, surgery, and the wait for eventual total joint replacement.

This suggests that many people with osteoarthritis are not made aware of the many different treatments available to them. I, personally, along with the many thousands of patients I have treated with these techniques since my residency at UCLA, have found regenerative medicine successful in the healing of many parts of the body. In this book, I will share with you the latest medical information on the use of Stem Cell Therapy and PRP for osteoarthritis and soft tissue damage, and I will also present the research supporting their use in the clinical setting for pain in most areas of the musculoskeletal system of the body.