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Alternatives to hip labrum arthroscopic surgery

We are getting many emails from people who are waiting for a hip arthroscopic surgery or trying to find other solutions. They have a lot of pain, mostly a dull nuisance type pain that climbs in intensity when they try to do sports or sometimes while simply walking. Many have a hip that clicks, locks, and gets stuck in mid-step. If the person is a master’s age athlete and the decades of active sports involvement have caused significant hip pain, then he/she may be recommended to a hip arthroscopy surgery as a means to preserve the hip from a hip

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ACL reconstruction surgery and Failed ACL reconstruction surgery. Non-surgical treatment options

Injury to the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is not the most common of knee injuries but certainly the most well known because of the number of ACL related injuries suffered by professional athletes. Further, you will hear a lot about the ACL because of those many athletes with devastated ACLs, few will return, even fewer will return to a level of play remotely close to that prior to the injury following surgery. Those who do return, because of the extensive physical therapy and rehabilitation needed for a full recovery from ACL reconstructive surgery, usually do so 18-24 months down the

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Bunions and big toe pain

The hip joint, the shoulder joint, the knee joint, the big toe joints, they all have one thing in common. When they are in the process of wear and tear degenerative joint disease, they become unstable, painful, and they start forming bone spurs and bony overgrowths. Sometimes the person suffering from degenerative joint disease will let this condition of joint instability go on for too long. This will cause the bone spurs to become too large and they will freeze up the joint, making it stiff and unmovable, and, necessitating a need for surgery to shave down the bones. In

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The simultaneous or recent use of anti-inflammatory medication and impact on regenerative medicine injections

Why do your joints chronically swell up? Swelling or inflammation is the body’s way to try to heal tissue and bone damage in joints. Back in the 1990s I wrote in my book the Collagen Revolution, that the body’s natural healing response is inflammation. If you stopped the inflammation process you could stop your body’s ability to heal or protect a damaged joint. Therefore you needed inflammation to heal but you needed inflammation to be controlled so that excessive swelling and chronic inflammation did not in of itself cause joint degeneration. Over the years, our general rule in offering regenerative

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Thumb osteoarthritis treatments: Surgery or injections?

Most of the people that contact our office looking for treatment for their thumb pain have already had a long history of treatments with limited success. In fact, many will confess that their doctors are now recommending pain management (anti-inflammatories and painkillers) as their primary treatments now that splints, physical therapy, and a generous amount of ice are no longer helping. These people will receive pain management until the decision is made to go to surgery or “live with it.” For many, the benchmark of when to proceed to surgery is when cortisone injections fail to offer relief and is

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Glenohumeral arthroscopic shoulder surgery

Many people come into our office with a history of failed shoulder surgeries. Some will be in our office because they are exploring options to the “final” surgical recommendation, a total shoulder replacement. For some, with the history of failed surgery, they have obvious concerns. Being a failed should surgery patient myself, I would have concerns too about another surgery. Can people who had previous failed glenohumeral arthroscopic shoulder surgery have a successful shoulder replacement? A June 2021 paper (1) examined if people who had a failed arthroscopic shoulder surgery would be at risk for a failed total shoulder replacement.

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