Subacromial impingement

An August 2022 (1) opinion from Monash University writes: “Arthroscopic treatment should no longer be offered to people with subacromial impingement. In many people, subacromial impingement (or subacromial pain syndrome) is self-limiting and may not require any specific treatment. This is evident by the fact that almost 50% of people with new-onset shoulder pain consult their primary care doctor only once. The best-available evidence from randomized controlled trials indicates that glucocorticoid injection provides rapid, modest, short-term pain relief. Exercise therapy has also been found to provide no added benefit over glucocorticoid injection. Subacromial decompression (bursectomy and acromioplasty) for subacromial pain syndrome provides no important benefit on pain, function, or health-related quality of life. Acromioplasty does not improve the outcomes of rotator cuff repair.”

1 Buchbinder R, Karjalainen TV, Gorelik A. Editorial Commentary: Arthroscopic Treatment Should No Longer Be Offered to People With Subacromial Impingement. Arthroscopy. 2022 Aug;38(8):2525-2528.


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